viernes, marzo 25, 2005

2º aniversario

Impresionante post de Mohammed en Iraq the Model para conmemorar el 2º aniversario de la operación Iraqi Freedom.
These days we're living the 2nd anniversary of Operation Iraqi Freedom, an occasion that is very dear to my heart and the hearts of all freedom loving people all over the world.
[...] Our support for this operation wasn't inspired from shallow reasons. It is inspired from the depth of the tragedy we lived in Iraq for 35 years under Saddam's regime and those who didn't live that tragedy will not be able to easily absorb my endorsement for the principle of using force to make the change.
Saddam and his gang knew nothing but force as a way to deal with my people and that's why using greater force was the only way that could get us out of the closed ring of despair, fear and organized violence that harvested the lives of more than two million Iraqis and made four other millions homeless, devastated the infrastructure and the economy and made Iraq among the poorest countries on earth, ruined the planet's most fertile lands and divided the sons of the one nation with his racist and sectarian conflicts-provoking policies.
[...] Iraq is definitely better nowadays than it was under Saddam despite all the sacrifices we had to give in the last 24 months and even by considering the body count (that I hate to mention) I see that Operation Iraqi Freedom has preserved too many human lives that could've been lost to the injustice and brutality of Saddam.
[...] Terrorism didn't come to Iraq after the fall of Saddam, only if one decides to consider that Saddam's doings are not terrorism [...]
Yes, the world is divided regarding these issues but I'm certainly not going to stand with the side that is still looking to the past and that can do nothing but defending the worn out system and always fails to bring serious and realistic solutions for the problems of our time. Denial is so easy and it spares the effort needed to correct the mistakes and weeping is the quality of losers and I don't to be in either positions.
Conviene leerlo entero, y hasta memorizarlo. Por mi parte, nunca he leído un alegato más fundamentado y cargado de legitimidad moral a favor de la operación militar que derrocó a Saddam, y a favor de la extensión de la libertad en todo el mundo utilizando, si es preciso, la fuerza.


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